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6 June
STG will construct 300 platforms for transportation of tank containers
Spectransgarant has acquired 300 platforms of JSC Altayvagon. 40-foot models will be supplied by parties. 200 flatcars are already supplied in April and May. Another 100 platforms will be received until the end of June.

In the second half of the year the company plans to conclude one more contract for delivery about 300 platforms for tank containers. Thus by the beginning of 2019 the park of platforms of STG will reach 2800 units.

"Deficiency of models of platforms which are allowed for transporting of tank containers was the key driver to bould our own plapforms. It is quite difficult to rent it because of absence on the market. And at the same time rent rates on such models are too high. That is why it is more favorable to us to build own park instead of rent one. Thus own fleet of platforms of the company will make 85% till the end of the year", has explained managing director Maria Surina.