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13 January
STG has entered the European petrochemical association (EPCA).
In May, 2016 STG has entered the European petrochemical association (EPCA).

EPCA is the international noncommercial association of producers of petrochemical production, suppliers, buyers and the service enterprises numbering more than 700 member companies from 54 countries and the headquarters in Brussels. The association provides a platform for meetings, exchange of information, and also is analytical center for the solution of problems which the petrochemical branch faces.

The accession to EPCA will allow STG not only to exchange experience and knowledge in the field of transportation of chemistry and petrochemistry with foreign colleagues for the purpose of further improvement of customer service, but also will give the chance to be directly involved in the projects of Association concerning increase in efficiency of logistics and management of chains of deliveries of petrochemical production in the international market.