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30 March
STG speaks about main tendencies of development of the tank container transportation market
On March 29 in Moscow "The Rolling Stock for Transportation of Chemical Freights" conference has taken place. The conference purpose is in an expert circle to discuss problems of branch and to find optimum ways of their decision.

Operators of freight cars, railroad car manufactures, logistic and leasing companies, and also producers of chemicals have participated in the meeting.

Participants have shared information on a condition of the fleet of universal and specialized railcars, have told about novelties in the field of manufacturing of freight railcars. The pricing problem in the Russian car building was actively discussed. In the separate block dedicated to container transportations of chemical freights have been considered. Igor Pyatkov the head of development department of STG told about features of operating tank containers and the prospects of development of a segment.

In the report he has emphasized that the market of tank containers has taken place a phase of active growth. The tank containers have occupied the niche. In a segment of transportations of chemical freights it makes 10% or 240 thousand tons a month. Earlier the Russian market showed an annual gain about 25%, but now it is established at the level of 12%. By the expert's estimates, further growth will remain at the level of 10% a year.

"Now a global trend in any business is expanding of customer service. In my opinion, the market of freight transportation needs also to move to qualitatively other level.

Transport companies have to be guided by granting the most full range of logistic services, including management of all logistics of enterprises, execution of transportation and customs documents, and also maintenance of the rolling stock and containers.

It will allow chemical companies, to transfer non-core functions on outsourcing and to concentrate on a primary activity", Igor Pyatkov has explained.

STG will concentrate on such kind of service in the next years.