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22 April
Tank containers need complex maintenance services
- There is an opinion that one of the factors complicating development of tank container transportations in Russia is lack of enough repair depot and washing stations for such containers. This is true?

- Today in Russia we have not many washing and steaming stations for cleaning tank containers and we have even less professional repair depots.

Every time when changing transported product we are obliged to organize cleaning of a vessel of container from previous freight. It is compulsory procedure for operators of tank containers. We deal with chemical freights. Their mixture is inadmissible as it can lead to change of properties of a product or more serious consequences. At the same time high-quality washing and steaming in Russia carry out only six private organizations. As a rule, they have the small capacities allowing to process limited quantity of tank containers, and their small number and a remote arrangement from points of loading/unloading increases an empty run and thus prevent the development of tank container transportations

A similar situation we can see in the sphere of repair. No more than five specialized depots offer professional services in repair and inspection of tank containers. At the same time we can not receive the full complex of services in one place. Many enterprises carry out only a part of services. If full-scale works are necessary you can get it only in our depot in Shakhunya Town. Imagine — six washing stations and five depots all over the country. For comparison — the largest operator of tank containers in Germany has four own repair depots and washing in the territory of the country, in addition to the numerous other enterprises. And Germany is in tens of times smaller than Russia. As a result we have a big fleet of tank containers but we have no infrastructure for their washing, servicing and repair.

- In this case do we have to develop service facilities for tank containers in Russia?

— Of course, it is necessary to increase the number of washing and steaming stations and repair depots in our country. It will allow to make rail transportation of tank containers more competitive in comparison with other means of transport.

- What about technical condition of tank containers in Russia? What average age of tank containers and the term of its service?

— Russian fleet of tank containers is rather new. For example, average age of tank container of our company is seven years. Futhermore we inspect all our tank containers regularly. In our country there is a competent supervisory authority - the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) which is authorized to give permission for tank container to its further operation each 2.5 years after gidro and pneumotests or to forbid its use. Timely repair and maintenance let tank containers able to work for more than 30 years.

- What had make you to creat your own repar depot?

— Firts we were intended to serve carefully our own fleet of tank containers. Now we are focused on involvement of third-party clients and not only owners the tank containers, but also owners of GP containers, and also trucks. Besides, we organize storage and carry out terminal services.

- How many containers can you serve?

— Today we can serve up to 1000 containers of all types per year. And we have reach infrastructure that includes convenient railway and road access, a rich staker for carrying out loading and unloading operations, and the container yard with capacity to store 300 TEU. The depot allowing to serve 8 containers simalteniusly, also there is a point for pneumo - and hydrotests, and a painting station and the tool shop. In other words, we have everything that is necessary for receiving a complete complex of rapair service.

"Transport Magazine", №4, 2016