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28 April
Safety of transportations in tank containers. Point of view.
Maria Surina, CEO, «Spectransgarant»:

– Tank container has a number of constructive advantages over tankcar in regards to safety – the vessel is put into a frame which serves as a peculiar protective cocoon, all tank containers are made from stronger corrosionstainless steel. We cooperate only with the proved and certified manufactures of tank containers therefore we are sure of initial high quality of the equipment.

The main condition for safety transportation is timely and high-quality servicing, repair and washing. It is responsibility of the operator. In Russia we see lack of professional facilities for service and washing tank containers. I talk about professional facilities. We place rather great demands on quality of repair works. Safety of people involved in process of the organization of transportation, and the environment directly depends on it.

As for STG we have resolved an issue with repair and maintenance by our own depot in Shakhunya Town.

But Russian washing complexes still remains for us the main trouble. The system of washing and recycling not always and not everywhere meets the international standards. All washing stations give certificates of cleaning, but we had cases when real quality of washing didn't correspond to the declared criteria. In these cases we had to return a container for cleaning again as mixture of chemical freights when changing of the transported product is inadmissible.

STG seeks to provide clients the highest level service, we are intended to develop our own convenient and effective network of the service centers for maintenance of tank containers, including washing and steaming stations.

"RZD-partner" Magazin , №8, April, 2017